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A locker is provided as a convenience to students to be used during the school year. Lockers are made available for use in storing school supplies and personal items necessary for use at school. However, lockers are not to be used to store items which cause (or can reasonably be foreseen to cause) an interference with school purposes or an educational function, or items which are forbidden by state law or school rules.

A student who uses a locker that is the property of the school is presumed to have no expectations of privacy in that locker or the locker’s content. The student’s use of the locker does not diminish the school’s ownership or control of the locker. The school retains the right to inspect the locker and its contents to ensure that the locker is being used in accordance with its intended purpose, and to eliminate fire or other hazards, maintain sanitary conditions, attempt to locate lost or stolen materials, or any other material forbidden by school rules.

  • Sharing a Locker: A student will not keep anyone else’s belongings in his locker.
  • Lost or Stolen Items: In consideration for providing an assigned locker, it is agreed that The Milwaukee Collegiate Academy is not responsible for any article lost or stolen from lockers, and it is parents’ responsibility to replace such article(s), including school issued books, supplies, uniforms, electronic devices (cell phones, notebooks, nooks, etc).
  • Removal of Belongings: All belongings must be removed for the summer. All items left behind will be discarded.
  • Confiscated Belongings: Any items confiscated by the school for any reason will be kept in the office.

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