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How long will virtual learning last?

School will reopen on August 31, 2020, and we expect to follow the 100% virtual plan until October 30, 2020. HFCA monitors the daily infection rates provided by the Milwaukee Health Department. When the infection rate for the city and our respective zip codes falls below 5% we will consider re-opening to hybrid instruction (two days a week in school for two grade levels and two days per week of virtual learning).

Should the Health Department open up schools for face-to-face instruction, parents will be invited into the school for a special series of tours and meetings to inspect the social distancing protocols that we have in place. Parents, students, teachers and staff, ultimately, will make the decision when and how we will reopen for face-to-face instruction. All parents are invited to attend Parent Advisory Meetings. Notices for these meetings are sent via email and are on the website. Regular monthly meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month.

My child struggled to learn at home in the Spring, how will this be different?

Every student at HFCA will have an adult mentor and there will be a 10:1 ratio for mentors so that all students receive personalized support. Mentors will encourage students’ attendance, help students build community and connection among one another, check on their grades, conduct weekly well-being checks and communicate with parents should any concerns arise.

What are the key differences between this past spring and the upcoming school year?

This fall, virtual instruction will include:

  • Daily individual mentoring
  • Daily Attendance and weekly grading
  • The ability for parents to monitor grades through Infinite Campus
  • Class schedules and live teaching
  • Every student will receive a Chromebook and if needed, a hot spot.
How will HFCA communicate with families and students?

Communication between home and school will include the following methods which are listed in order from the form used most frequently to less frequently.

  • Remind App/Text
  • Infinite Campus*
  • Email
  • Phone Calls
  • HFCA Web Page
  • HFCA social media pages
  • Regular mail


*HFCA will continue to rely on parents to check their email and to monitor grades through Infinite Campus. HFCA has replaced Powerschool with Infinite Campus so that we can provide a more seamless grade monitoring experience.

Is attendance required?

Yes, attendance at live classes is required.

Students will attend a live class with their teacher two times per week. It is important that students be present for those lessons. If a student is unable to attend those classroom sessions, they will be able to view the recording but the experience is not the same. Unless the absence is excused, the student will be responsible for meeting all deadlines on time.

How will attendance be taken?

According to the Department of Public Instruction, attendance is contact between a student and a teacher during which district-supervised educational services are provided. Attendance will be recorded for students engaging in face-to-face and synchronous and asynchronous virtual instruction.

A student will be considered “Present (P)” when the student engages in instruction and completes specific, pre-assigned coursework either through asynchronous (self-directed) learning, synchronous (teacher-led) virtual instruction, or face- to-face (teacher-led) instruction.

A student will be considered “Absent-Unexcused (UNEX )” when he or she does not engage in planned asynchronous (self-directed) learning, synchronous (teacher-led) virtual instruction, or face-to-face (teacher-led) instruction AND he or she does not contact a teacher, school administrator, or attendance official to announce his or her absence in advance. Unexcused absences include factors within the student’s and/or family’s control.

A student will be considered Absent-Excused (EX) when he or she does not engage in planned asynchronous (self- directed) learning, synchronous (teacher-led) virtual instruction, or face-to-face (teacher-led) instruction AND he or she does contact a teacher, school administrator, or attendance official in advance to announce his or her absence. An excused absence includes illness or factors not within the student’s or family’s control.

What if my student receives Special Education services?

Students with Special Education Services will receive accommodations and modifications in their least restrictive environment

Students who receive special education services will receive services throughout the week after the scheduled lunch hour. As usual, service providers will provide quarterly updates via progress reports. Annual student meetings will continue on schedule at least two weeks before the IEP expires. Parents will be able to monitor students’ progress through the Infinite Campus portal.

How will grades be determined?

Students will be graded as normal for assignments and the normal workload will be reinstated at the beginning of the school year. Students may notice progress on projects or power focus areas on the Summit platform, but if you want to know where they stand with grades that will determine credit, promotion, and graduation, students and parents should only follow grades in Infinite Campus.

How will parents and students learn how classes will run?

We will hold orientations at the school on a 1:1 basis or in small group virtual presentations beginning August 13, 2020. Students will be able to come in to turn in emergency forms, take their ID picture, pick up their schedule and their instructional materials, including their Chromebook and Hotspot at that time.

The Class of 2024 will have a special virtual Bridge Week to Celebrate their transition to high school and to learn about our routines and rituals and to meet their mentor. Bridge Week will be held August 24 – August 27, 2020.

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