Decision Day coming up fast on May 7 for Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy scholars, we wanted spotlight the  accomplishments of our seniors like Roland Goodman.

Ronald is set to graduate in the spring as President of the Student Council. He has demonstrated leadership as he collaborates with his classmates to engage students during the Pandemic. He transferred to HFCA in 2019 and is currently enrolled in our Early College Program, attending classes at UW-Milwaukee. He says he appreciates the hospitality shown both by staff and his fellow students after transferring to HFCA. After graduation, he plans on continuing his college career with a focus on music production industry and graphic/media arts.

His advice for his fellow scholars, “Do not wait until your final years of high school to find camps or internships that fit [your] interests because if you want to find them early then you’ll go into that career with experience.”

“I am incredibly proud of Roland and his growth this year. He has maintained stellar grades, stepped into a leadership position, and is doing well in his college course,” says Roland’s mentor Kwame Green, the school’s Director of Programs and Impact.

“He is also doing well outside of school with volunteering and creating music. I am very impressed by the young man he is becoming and am looking forward to him growing even more,” adds Green.

“Roland is so motivated to be successful in both his academic and creative endeavors. He’s excelling in his graphic design college course, while also spending time in the recording studio. He often reflects on how he can be a stronger leader or how he can positively influence his peers. I admire Roland’s motivation during this very difficult year and can’t wait to see where he goes after graduation!” added Ms. Steggall, Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

The past year may not have been an easy one, but scholars like Ronald Goodman prove that we can not only get by, but grealy succeed despite the adversity. Thank you for being an example to us all Ronald!

Dr. Howard Fuller Academy is celebrating the Class of 2021 as we approach HFCA’s College Decision Day on May 7, 2021. Dr. Howard Fuller Academy is a college prep urban high school with a college acceptance of 100% since 2012.