Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy is pleased to announce that Marcus Robinson has been named as the school’s CEO. Robinson has a PhD in teaching from Columbia University, two master’s degrees in science from Butler University and Columbia University, and two bachelor’s degrees in science.

“The HFCA Board of Directors is thrilled that Marcus Robinson will be its CEO,” says Michelle Nettles HFCA Board Chair. “Marcus comes with a list of credentials and a wealth of experiences. He has a devotion to our community and an enduring love for our people. I am truly excited about this step in our journey and am confident that Marcus is precisely the leader we need at this time.”

“I am incredibly humbled to be selected as champion for excellence and growth in our school community,” says Robinson. “I have spent my entire career creating pathways for young people to access some of the best colleges in the world.  I am excited to bring those experiences to our HFCA family as we look to expand our reach to many new families in Milwaukee.”

“Marcus has helped schools to grow and has achieved national recognition for academic excellence. Judith Parker, will continue to lead the school, as the principal and will report to Mr. Robinson. “Together, the two will work closely to achieve our mission of sending our students to and through college,” explained Nettles. “Please join me in welcoming him to the HFCA community.”

“As much as I am thrilled about our mission to get all of our scholars to and through college, I am also aware that it is the toughest mission any school can take on,” adds Robinson. “We are going to need students, teachers, staff, board members, community partners, and parents all pushing in the same direction to continue to deliver on our promise that all of our students will have access to an amazing opportunity after high school. Your partnership is the key to our collective success, and I can’t wait to meet you in person as we continue this journey together.”

Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy began its Commit to the Future capital campaign in July of this year with the goal of raising $25 million for the building of a new high school as well as the renovation and transformation of the current high school into a feeder middle school. The school has raised $19.5 million, and preparations are already being made to start building the new high school in Milwaukee’s historic Bronzeville neighborhood.

Robinson, previously worked as superintendent for Normandy Schools Collaborative in Missouri, as well as a 14-year track as principal, chancellor and CEO of Tindley Accelerated Schools in Indiana. Robinson has 30 years of expertise in a range of fields, including public schools, innovative program development, outreach initiatives, fundraising, community engagement, and more.

Please watch your email and social media pages as we work to schedule opportunties to engage with our school’s new CEO.

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