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College acceptances seven years in a row!

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Every dollar you give to support Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy has an impact that extends far beyond our school walls.

Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy believes that every student — regardless of ZIP code or background — deserves opportunities to use technology to create, design, build, explore, and collaborate. Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy (HFCA) is a public charter high school located on the north-side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Our school population is 99% African American with 96% considered economically disadvantaged. We are proud that students have achieved 100% college acceptances seven years in a row and our school’s graduating class of 2019 earned over $2.5 million in scholarships. Your donations for our priorities supports our Mission and Vision Fund. Your investment in HFCA helps our scholars transform their local, national and global communities.

#Priorities: 1. Become a high performing high school that serves and prepares 450 students in Milwaukee for college. 2. Increase the number of students who enroll in and complete college. 3. Develop a teaching force with expertise in urban education.

We believe that the only way we will be able to diminish the impact of poverty, under-education, and trauma, is by giving every student a mentor to be that person in a student’s corner.

Tiny House #STEM Campaign

Milwaukee Collegiate Academy’s Tiny House Project is helping students discover math, engineering, communication, arts, and technology. Under the leadership of adult mentors, The Tiny House Project allows students to explore all the essential elements of residential construction. The project builds on their three years of personalized learning which has taught them autonomy, competence and belonging.

GOAL: $10,000 to support this personalized learning project that gives students hands on experience with science, technology, engineering, math. Corporate sponshorships, donations of materials and volunteer mentors are invited. Please call Principal Judith Parker for more information at (414) 873-4014.

Unique learning opportunities like our Tiny House Project sets our school apart. Your support is needed to continue this unique project. In-kind donations and volunteers are also needed, please call Principal Judith Parker for more information at (414) 873-4014.

We know that making a college visit and touring a campus can be pivotal in MCA scholars’ decision to apply to college and to fulfilling our vision to produce responsible leaders and life-long learners.

Many of our scholars have never set foot on a college campus

#College Tour Campaign

The majority of our scholars will be first generation college students. We know that making college visits and touring a campus helps our students to visualize themselves attending to college. Tours are a powerful, inspirational and fun-filled experience for our scholars. It is something they look forward to every year and is an experience they remember for a lifetime. We believe that college tours are a key piece to living our mission.

GOAL: $10,000 to ensure that every Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy scholar has the opportunity to participate in a college tour. Please call Principal Judith Parker for more information at (414) 873-4014.

What started as a way to support more technology in the classroom, led to a student-run, state-of-the-art program

#Technology Campaign

Every day we hear stories about how not enough African American high school students are studying science, technology, and math. Three years ago, Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy decided that it was time to do something about it. It all started with an idea. Our high school needed to bring more technology into the hands of students to support its personalized learning model. The twist? Students would be the backbone of technology support for our one-to-one school. The Technology Ambassador program gives students a chance to learn new skills, gain experience in technology, and help keep classrooms connected. Perhaps even more importantly, the program provides mentoring opportunities and leadership experience to students.

GOAL: $30,000 to provide the technology needed to support personalized learning at Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy. Please call Principal Judith Parker for more information at (414) 873-4014.

Student Tech Ambassadors replace a defective motherboard on a Chromebook cart. Did you know that our Tech Ambassadors manage the online help desk and provide Level One technology support for our students and staff?

#WATCH: Who drew on Mr. Green’s whiteboard?


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