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100% college acceptance rate since 2012!

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College, career, and life ready

We do more than prepare scholars for higher education and careers. We provide them with the skills necessary to affect change in society and help transform their local, national, and global communities. By the time they graduate, our scholars articulate our our three pillars in the following manner:


“Relationships that I form throughout my life matter in my college and career journey.”

Each scholar has an adult mentor who is invested in the scholars's success. Mentor and Mentee work closely to nurture the development of the scholars’ inner life making college access and academic achievement possible.


“I am capable of intellectual challenge and academic success.”

Our scholars are developed as empowered and eager learners capable of acquiring knowledge in a variety of disciplines and settings.


“I can see myself going to and through college.”

Our scholars are keenly aware of all of the post-secondary opportunities available to them and have aspirations for college acceptance, persistence and college graduation.

Our Mission

Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy’s mission is to nurture scholars capable of transforming their world by sending them to and through college.

A transformational moment

Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy is in a growth phase, with scholars enrolling from across the city to join our college-prep, personalized learning environment. Our growing school population has demonstrated that the goal of 500 scholars is achievable however our current facility is inadequate for our programming including our Early College Program and our technology, health care, and business Career Pathways. 


College acceptance rate since 2012

Over 300 scholars with growing enrollment

Over 60 scholars have earned early college credit since the pilot began in 2018.


Over 70% of our scholars qualify for free and reduced lunch; 98% are Black; and 18% of scholars have a diagnosed learning disability.

who we are

Founded in 2004, Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy (HFCA) is a public charter high school delivering a college-focused education to high school scholars from across the City of Milwaukee for over 16 years. 

Our school sets ambitious goals for achievement with the goal of creating scholars who are college, career, and life ready. Our graduates are consistently accepted into colleges and universities at a rate of 100% percent
since 2012. 

We do more than prepare our scholars for higher education. We provide them with the skills necessary to make change in society and help transform their local, national, and global communities. 


Transforming their world

Service to the community is integrated into our culture. During COVID, a team of scholars, staff and alumni sponsored a car wash and used the proceeds to show their support local first responders and community groups by partnering with two Black-owned businesses at the Sherman Phoenix.


Launching College Careers from Day One

The school’s Early College scholars are making huge gains in both the academic and soft skills necessary for college persistence.


To and Through College

Every year, our scholars have a special opportunity to learn from HFCA graduates on Alumni Day. This school tradition is a chance for current scholars to learn from the experiences of former scholars about their journey that has taken them to and through college.

Our Instructional Approach

Personalized learning

Personalized Learning at Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy empowers scholars by coaching them to understand their lives as learners and leaders. Our instructional approach develops scholars as digital citizens and consumers of information while teachers harness technology to provide rapid, strategic instruction and intervention.


By the end of each grade level a Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy scholar has:


  • Identified at least two career clusters of interest;
  • Visited at least 2 colleges and the HFCA college fair;
  • Set academic goals to gain eligibility in a career pathway and dual enrollment; and
  • Committed to a graduation plan with a mentor and parent.


  • Engaged in a workplace learning experience;
  • Knows the costs, admission requirements, and academic offerings of 3 colleges;
  • Visited 2 colleges, attended
    the HFCA college fair, and participated in an early college experience; and
  • Committed to a career pathway.


  • Engaged in a long-term • workplace learning experience;
  • Attended the HFCA
    national college tour;
  • Enrolled in a sequence of dual-enrollment courses related to career pathway; and
  • Has identified his/her college match and safety schools.


  • Made a final visit to top three schools;
  • Earned acceptance into at least one college of choice;
  • Completed a FAFSA application and attended an award letter workshop;
  • A resume;
  • Weighed all post- secondary options with a mentor, school counselor, and parent; and
  • Committed to his or her post-secondary plan.


Attention to our culture is everywhere. Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy is a nurturing environment with high expectations. We know that an engaged staff and families help create engaged students with a commitment to lifelong learning and success.


We know that families are the experts on their children.When families are engaged in school, their children are more likely to succeed. Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy actively promotes family engagement and joins in celebrating their successes and accomplishments.


Celebrations are a big part of our school culture. On Friday mornings, scholars, families and staff greet the day with smiles and positive vibes and we celebrate our college-bound culture. Students are frequently recognized for academic excellence and growth, exceeding attendance goals and college acceptances. 

Decision Day

Decision Day is a school tradition and one of the most inspiring days of the year. Typically, Decision Day is held in front of hundreds of cheering scholars, families and the community. Last year, the Class of 2020 had to problem-solve around the Pandemic and created this video to share their college decisions with scholars, family and friends. The Class of 2020 eared over $3.5 million in scholarships dollars. 

College Tours

College tours are a key piece to living our mission; It helps our scholars to visualize themselves attending to college. For the vast majority of our scholars, our college tours give our students an opportunity to see a post-secondary institution for the first time in their lives. 


Every scholar has regular check-ins with a mentor. As a result, our scholars possess an awareness of self and make decisions that support their personal and professional goals. In addition to their own progress and success, scholars actively advocate for equity and justice on behalf of their families and community.


Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy is a member of the The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA). Our boys basketball team is just one of many co-curricular and extracurricular activities, athletics, clubs and organizations for scholars.

Robotics Team

Our robotics team engaged in their first competition against 23 other teams in 2020. Scholars were inspired by mentors including engineering students from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and Marquette University. Our Robotics Team is just one of many co-curricular and extracurricular activities, athletics, clubs and organizations for scholars.


Scholars at Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy are actively engaged in creating and producing content across our social media channels. Teachers don’t take the lead anymore. Students do. We believe it is important listen more to students and what they have to say. Last Halloween, scholars in our Technology Ambassador Program created a socially-distanced Halloween special.

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Our Eight Character Strengths

  • Love
  • Optimism
  • Zest
  • Social Intelligence
  • Grit
  • Curiosity
  • Self Control
  • Gratitude