That time of year is almost here, that’s right, we’re talking about HFCA’s Alumni Day!

Alumni Day is a school tradition where our college enrolled alumni come back to the HFCA and speak with current students. Alumni provide them with their personal lived experiences and offer valuable advice on navigating the collegiate environment.

This year, we will be adding two additional sections to AD. We are going to have a career & Greek portion added to AD. HFCA has grown over the years and now we can have our own alumni come speak to our students as professionals within their careers and discuss expectations around different careers paths. 

Moreover, HFCA is aiming to provide our students with a holistic view on college. One of the ways we are working towards that goal is integrating individuals who are a part of the divine nine and have them serve as a panelist for AD in addition to the career and college panelist.

Alumni who graduated from CEO, MCA and HFCA are all welcome to join us on December 21st for the Alumni Day luncheon even if they are not presenters.

If you would like to be a career, college or Greek panelists, please fill out only ONE of the links below: 

Career Panelist – https://forms.gle/WmEQTPFS3MUTZ3Rf8

College Panelist – https://forms.gle/fRbCCxUpVGJ2nHm39

Greek Panelist – https://forms.gle/eRgp1nEtxHrjt21S7 

Each panelist will receive a catered lunch, be entered into a raffle to win gift bags and will be eligible to receive a $100 gift card. Students will vote on the best presenter and the winner will receive the gift card.  Also, the members of the graduating class that have the most panelists will receive a $10 gift card. 

If you are interested in volunteering your time, please complete the google form. For more information, please contact our Alumni Relations Specialist, Kareem McCants, at (414) 426-5356 or e-mail at k.mccants@hfca.org with any questions.